Strong Female Protagonist

Dear Mr Producer
Mr Script Writer
Mr Hollywood Golden Boy
Mr Good Guy of the Year

Mr I See Women As People
Mr This Is What A Feminist Looks Like
Mr Women Can Be Heroes Too
I want to thank you.

Thank you for showing us
That we can kick arse
Just like the boys
Because I needed that
And so did my siblings
Who had the dubious honour of being

But I want to ask you
Why did it take you so long?
Why did we have to keep asking?
Why are we always thin?
Why are we always white?
Why are we always carrying around those…
Well, you know what I mean.

Why are we always straight?
Why are we always victimised?
Because of those thin, white bodies with those…
Well, you know what I mean.

Because last time I checked
I didn’t need to be desirable
To chop off a monster’s head
Or investigate a murder.

Last time I checked
I didn’t need to be straight
Or wear my long, thick, perfect hair
Swinging down to my waist
To take out bad guys.

See, you missed a vital point
In your process of Enlightenment
You see, you made us into heroes
So you could save us from ourselves
And what you missed in your campaign
To Make Women Great
Is that we’re not all women
And we’re not all pretty
And we’re not all white
But we Sure As Hell are already Great

We’ve been heroes all along
And while I am grateful
That you helped make that visible
(After decades of us telling you)
It’s not enough to hand a pretty girl a sword
And say she’s equal.

We will be equal when we see fat girls
And hairy girls
And girls with anxiety or PTSD
When we see black girls
And Asian girls
And girls whose first language isn’t English
When we see that Assigned Female At Birth
Doesn’t always mean woman
And Assigned Male At Birth
Can mean feminine.
When we see that feminine
That undesirable
That weak and strong
Are all just as Great as each other

We will be equal when we see ourselves
Through our own eyes
When we tell our own stories
When we see our own lives

We will be equal when we see ourselves
Not “as good as a man”
But as good as ourselves.

When girl is no longer an insult

So thank you,
Mr Feminist,
For your time
But we can take it from here.

You are not my Hero

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