Blowbloop the Turquoise Badger

Apologies to Craig, who gave me this incredibly challenging prompt over two years ago. I finally got to it… The prompt was: “A turquoise badger named Blowbloop, on vacation in the West Indies, only to find it’s not cricket season. What adventures can he get up to?” The answer, as you’ll soon see, is ‘quite a lot’.

Blowbloop the Turquoise Badger

Blowbloop the Badger left on holiday
Only to find his great plan gone astray.
The West Indies were great, but with no cricket on,
He was quite at a loss as to how to have fun.

Poor Blowbloop was desolate, and a little bit glum,
Even though he still had two more weeks in the sun.
And despite the attention his turquoise fur got,
He had to admit it was rather too hot.

So he wandered on down to a bar by the shore,
Although drinking with strangers is rather a bore.
And here’s where his story did truly begin,
With a beautiful dancer, and a tonic and gin.

Celeste was her name, and she danced a mean waltz,
But her past was mysterious, because, well, of course.
(Please forgive me, dear reader, the odd liberty,
But not everything rhymes quite all that easily.)

Celeste and Blowbloop chatted into the night,
And emerged when the moon was well into its flight.
When suddenly out of the shadows there came,
A threatening voice calling poor Celeste’s name.

For it seemed her mysterious past had come back,
As it will when one thinks that one’s life is on track.
So Blowbloop and C found themselves on the run,
From the CIA, MI5, and the president’s son.

It seemed that Celeste had once been an assassin,
Who’d failed when her conscience had left her aim flapping.
Now her employers were out for revenge,
And would happily kill badgers to achieve those ends.

Blowbloop and C had no choice but to flee,
Although nowhere was safe, as we’ll very soon see.
They fled through Colombia, Paris, and Rome,
They knew they had no chance of going back home.

No matter what place the pair found themselves at,
Their enemy would always be right on their track.
With no choice but to run, or to turn and to fight,
They came up with a plan on one hot summer’s night.

Now Blowbloop was brave, and a little bit handy,
Especially for plots needing cricket and brandy.
Long story short, he and C made a plan,
Which succeeded, although blowing up much of Japan.

Good Blowbloop saw cricket, although not how he’d hoped,
As he smacked off the head of the CIA’s bloke.
And Celeste had her moment, not to be outdone,
When she bowled her best googlie and took out their guns.

Now at last they were free to go home if they liked,
But they’d got quite attached through those frightening nights.
So they settled in Spain and taught cricket to frogs,
And Blowbloop always remembered when cricket season was.

All Rights Reserved to Cambrey Payne 2017. Acknowledge sources when sharing and do not repost without original source.


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